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TMS School Information
School Hours - 8:40 AM to 3:50 PM
Please do not drop your student off BEFORE 8:10 AM
Doors to the School Will Open at 8:10 AM  
issal will begin at 3:50 PM

         PLEASE NOTE: Registration – All students must complete the annual verification process. This process can be completed online (see Tucker Middle website for details). To assist you better during the open house:
- Please have a cell phone available for registration purposes
- New students (coming into the attendance area for the first time) will be able to register.  Please click the "Online Registration" link above for more information.
- Students that attended one of Tucker Middle’s elementary feeder schools will need to show ID and proof of residency.   Parents will need to bring documentation to prove residency (current utility bill within 30 days and current lease not expiring before August 2, 2021)

The Campus Portal offers access to the following features:
Assignments: Browse assignments by specific class or due date
Attendance: Review attendance events in summary and detail form
Grades: Immediate access to grades as they are posted
Schedule:  Review schedule from anywhere, at any time

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